Foamico's Flow Limiter Ensures Rinsing without Compromise

Foamico's patented Flow Limiter technology is designed to prevent nozzleless rinsing.
The product has been proven to be up to 50% more efficient than traditional high pressure solutions without compromising cleaning performance, while at the same time significantly reducing pressure loss by up to 89%, making it the most energy efficient solution on the market today.

As well as advanced features, the technology has been designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring easy installation on the vast majority of satellite types.

The Art of Possibility: How does it work?

Experience a new level of control with Foamico's Flow Limiter, designed to automatically shut off the water outlet when consumption exceeds 45L/min, ensuring that rinsing is impossible without the correct nozzles. This achievement is made possible by the product's dynamic open and closed flow function, which gives a whole new perspective on how to control water consumption with precision.

Until now, water-restricting nozzles have been used across the industry to reduce the maximum amount of water wastage. However, these restrictors generate a heavy water pressure loss of 7.2 bar at 30L/min, reducing the overall efficiency of the satellites by up to 33%. The new technology behind the Foamico Flow Limiter makes it possible to reduce water consumption while maintaining a pressure loss of 0.8 bar at the same flow rate of 30L/min, resulting 89% less pressure loss.


Delivering excellence: Our product compared to our competitors

Inlet pressure: 22,5 bar

Pressure loss Foamico: 30 L/min = 0,8 Bar

Pressure loss Competitor: 30 L/min = 9,2 bar

Elevating standards: Our Flow Limiter provides 22.5 bar inlet pressure with an exceptional 0.8 bar pressure loss. Experience unrivalled performance with the Foamico Flow Limiter.



Foamico - Clean Simplicity 

Step-by-step installation process

  • 1. First Step

    Remove the stainless steel pipe, ball valve and quick coupling from under the satellite.

  • 2. Second Step

    Remove the stainless steel tube from the ball valve. and replace it with the flow limiter.

  • 3. Third Step

    Reattach the Flow Limiter, ball valve and quick coupling to the Satellite.

Foamico Flow Limiter

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