Centralized pre-diluted solutions

Prediluted solutions are commonly used in the food industry for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, equipment, and utensils. These solutions are created by diluting concentrated cleaning agents or sanitizers with water to a predetermined concentration.

The advantage of using prediluted solutions is that they simplify the cleaning process and ensure that the cleaning agent is used at the correct concentration. This helps to avoid overuse, which can lead to residue buildup or damage to surfaces, and underuse, which can compromise the effectiveness of the cleaning agent.

  • Decentralized
    Our wide product range of equipment for decentralized open plant cleaning ensures that we always have the right product mix for your situation.
  • Mobile solutions
    Our mobile cleaning solutions are available with- and without a built-in compressor. Our mobile stations are based on the Next Technology and can operate with 3 chemicals + rinse through one and the same outlet. The stations operate with only one handle, which makes the station very intuitive to use. All components and materials are of high- quality, ensuring high reliability and a long lifetime.
  • Pre-diluted
    Prediluted solutions avoid concentrated chemicals in the production area. A high degree of reliability and ease to use. Flexible product mix, to meet your needs.
  • Automated Cleaning
    Automatic cleaning can decrease the time spent on cleaning, reducing water- and chemical usage and releasing cleaning staff from long and tedious cleaning steps. Automatic cleaning thereby reduces the environmental impact of the cleaning process significantly.

Prediluted solutions

With a pre-diluted solution, chemicals and water are mixed in one of our mixing stations which can supply 1-25 users. The chemicals are dosed into the tank via injectors, which makes the chemical dosing very accurate and reliable.
The tank is connected to a frequency-controlled Grundfos IE5 pump which distributes the water and chemical mixture through pipes around the factory.

With our pre-diluted solution, you get a reliable and safe solution that avoids concentrated chemicals in the production areas and removes the risk of employees handling concentrated chemicals on a daily basis.

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