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We see it as our mission to make life less complicated for all kinds of

food and beverage companies when it comes to cleaning. By easing

their cleaning process through innovative thinking, customization

and smarter solutions. Our systems and solutions are second to

none. People realize that when they get the chance.


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Probably the best cleaning

solutions in the world

Low Pressure and High Performance

Low-Pressure Cleaning is professional heavy-duty cleaning with Low-Pressure and High-Flow. Our Low-pressure system can supply up to 27 bar, while our middle-pressure systems can supply up to 45 bar.

While the water consumption with Low-pressure systems theoretically appears to be higher than with high-pressure systems (30L/min contra 10-15L/min) is the overall water consumption much lower due to the much higher efficiency.

  • Here is what our client has to say about us
    "Foamico doesn't just provide equipment; they craft solutions. From the moment I stepped into their factory, every individual went above and beyond to tailor their equipment to my specific needs. They didn't just meet the client's scope and specifications; they exceeded them. It's this dedication to customer satisfaction that secured my order and earned my trust."

    - Joseph Lincicum, Alpma USA LLC
  • Let's make it a cleaner future
    All our cleaning solutions are based on the newest and most reliable technology available; enabling you to perform better than ever. Together we will create a solution that will secure the right amount of chemical use and reduce water- and energy consumption while also reducing the cleaning time significantly.

We ensure less environmental impact, less use of resources, less wear on equipment, less waste of time, fewer mistakes, and fewer frustrations. Because less is more in our optics, and because we know that a clean conscience comes from knowing that you are doing everything possible to optimize the use of both human and physical resources.


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