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Our Next Technology is the sole system on the market capable of using three chemicals and rinsing through a single outlet without additional valves. Its full mechanical changeover between all operations renders our equipment unmatched in terms of reliability, ease of use, and lifespan.



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Low pressure and high performance

Low-Pressure Cleaning involves the use of high-flow, heavy-duty cleaning equipment that operates at low pressure. Our low-pressure system is capable of supplying up to 27 bar, while our middle-pressure systems can supply up to 45 bar.

Although low-pressure systems theoretically consume more water than high-pressure systems (30L/min vs. 10-15L/min), their significantly higher efficiency results in much lower overall water consumption.

Mobile Solutions

Recognized for their superior quality and ease of use, our mobile stations are designed and engineered with careful consideration. These stations not only operate with exceptional efficiency, but their intuitive design makes them easy to use. They come equipped with a built-in compressor and pump that automatically starts and stops, with the load automatically adjusted based on the selected cleaning step.

Prediluted solutions

Our mixing stations are capable of supplying 1-25 users with a pre-diluted solution that combines chemicals and water. The chemical dosing process is highly precise and dependable, as the chemicals are injected directly into the tank. The tank is connected to a frequency-controlled Grundfos IE5 pump, which circulates the water and chemical mixture through pipes throughout the factory.

By utilizing our pre-diluted solution, you can ensure a safe and dependable solution that eliminates the presence of concentrated chemicals in production areas, as well as the need for employees to handle concentrated chemicals on a regular basis.

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