Save time, energy and water with our innovative Eco Clean function

By reducing water pressure at the touch of a button, you can save up to 52% energy and 20% water.

This not only streamlines the rinsing process, but also saves valuable time. Experience efficiency without compromise!

Why Eco Clean?

We studied the conventional cleaning method and found that it requires less water pressure to rinse away foam or disinfectant compared to the pre-rinse phase.

As well as saving water, Eco Clean's increased efficiency makes it a sustainable and practical option for green cleaning.

Eco Clean - Clear indicator for easy use

The Eco Clean fuction will be mounted directly on the equipment so that the user can easily see whether the Eco Clean function is active or not.

A label will be placed next to the Eco Clean button, explaining the function of the button with an easy-to-understand illustation.

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