MO NEXT 0145

The MO NEXT 0145 is with a built-in industrial compressor. The mobile solutions are based on the Next Technology and can operate with 3 chemicals in addition to the rinse function, through a single outlet. The stations operate with only one handle. This makes the station very intuitive to use. All components and materials are of high quality, ensuring high reliability and a long lifetime in addition to easy maintenance.


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  • Simultanoues users


  • Pump pressure at 7 bar inlet pressure

    45 bar

  • Maximum water consumption

    120 l/min

  • Minimum/maximum inlet pressure

    2/10 bar

  • Maximum temperature

    70 °C

  • Maximum power consumption

    6,0 + 1,0 KW

  • Standard voltage

    380-500 V

  • Frequency

    50-60 HZ

Performance highlights

  • 0
    Simultanoues users
  • 0
    L/min. - Maximum water consumption
  • 0
    Bar - Outlet pressure at 7 bar inlet pressure
  • 0
    Chemicals - one outlet

One handle and one Outlet for 3 Cleaning Steps. Full stainless steel to maximize lifetime and reliability. Simple but smart design for easy instant operation.

  • The Next Satellite is engineered to be the most efficient Sattelite on the market. The Block has been designed to optimize the water flow through the block. This reduces the pressure loss inside the block significantly.

  • The smart design and color coding make the Satellite very easy to operate. Thereby the satellite ensures that the user can concentrate 100% on the cleaning task instead on how the Satellite is operated.

  • Only high-quality materials are used in the satellite, this ensures high reliability of the satellite. Most parts are manufactured in high-grade stainless steel to expand the lifetime of the satellite significantly.

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Flexible, intuitive, powerful and easy to use

  • Efficient

    Less pressure loss means more cleaning power, which is equivalent to faster cleaning and less water usage.

  • High Quality

    Engineered to last. Only high-quality components and high-grade stainless steel.

  • Long lifetime

    The long lifetime of the product reduces the overall environmental impact.

  • Easy to Operate
    The Satellite is designed to be as easy as possible to use. Only one handle to change between 4 different cleaning tasks. Color coding makes it easy to understand for the user which cleaning chemical he is currently using.
  • The green choice
    Every aspect of the satellite is designed and engineered to reduce the overall environmental impact of the satellite. High efficiency and a long lifetime reduce the total environmental impact significantly.

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