PSU 0127-9

The PSU 0127 satellite for pre-dilluted chemicals (PDC) is to be connected with FOAMICO mixing stations B-D 40-10F, B-D 80-10F or B-D 120-10F and a Foamico booster. This will provide the satellite with PDC and pressurized water. PSU 0127  satellite for PDC are available in 9 standard versions. The system is capable of handling 3 chemicals in a single block with only one outlet!


Product No. 7013323


The PSU 0127-9 has four functions:

  • Rinsing
  • Foaming
  • Disinfection (Foam)
  • Separate local injector (Spray)


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  • Simultanoues users


  • Minimum/maximum inlet pressure

    5/27 Bar

  • Maximum water consumption

    60 L/min

  • Pipe dimension inlet


  • Air supply

    5/10 Bar

  • Air consumption

    150-200 L/min

Performance highlights

  • 0
    L/min. - Maximum water consumption
  • 0
    Bar - Min./max. inlet pressure
  • 0
    Chemicals - one outlet

Designed for maximum safety. The Satellites for pre-diluted chemicals ensure that the user does not have to handle any concentrated chemical products. Smart color coding makes the operation very easy and intuitive.

  • The satellite is engineered to withstand even the harshest environments inside food and beverage productions. Every satellite is tested on all functions before it gets packed and shipped.

  • The smart design and color coding make the Satellite very easy to operate. Thereby the satellite ensures that the user can concentrate 100% on the cleaning task instead on how the Satellite is operated.

  • Only high-quality materials are used in the satellite, this ensures high reliability of the satellite. Most parts are manufactured in high-grade stainless steel to expand the lifetime of the satellite significantly.

Flexible, intuitive, powerful and easy to use

  • Efficient

    Less pressure loss means more cleaning power, which is equivalent to faster cleaning and less water usage.

  • High Quality

    Engineered to last. Only high-quality components and high-grade stainless steel.

  • Long lifetime

    The long lifetime of the product reduces the overall environmental impact.

  • Easy to Operate
    The Satellite is designed to be as easy as possible to use. Only one handle to change between 4 different cleaning tasks. Color coding makes it easy to understand for the user which cleaning chemical he is currently using.
  • The green choice
    Every aspect of the satellite is designed and engineered to reduce the overall environmental impact of the satellite. High efficiency and a long lifetime reduce the total environmental impact significantly.

Low pressure and high performance

Low-Pressure Cleaning is professional heavy-duty cleaning with Low-Pressure and High-Flow. Our Low-pressure system can supply up to 27 bar, while our middle-pressure systems can supply up to 45 bar.

While the water consumption with Low-pressure systems theoretically appears to be higher than with high-pressure systems (30L/min contra 10-15L/min) is the overall water consumption much lower due to the much higher efficiency.

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