Booster B200-40

A booster's main function is to provide pressurized water for our satellites. Our booster program makes it possible to choose exactly the solution needed to solve the individual cleaning task. The booster is chosen from the total water consumption for the number of satellites you want to use at the same time.

All boosters are equipped with the best energy-optimized motor-technology available from Grundfos (IE5). This also includes a built-in display which enables the user to read out multiple date. This makes it very easy for the operator or maintenance personel to locate any faults in the system (e.g. lack of water pressure).


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  • Simultanoues users


  • Pump pressure at 7 bar inlet pressure

    40 Bar

  • Maximum water consumption

    200 l/min

  • Minimum/maximum inlet pressure

    2/10 bar

  • Maximum temperature

    70 °C

  • Maximum power consumption

    6 KW

  • Standard voltage


  • Frequency

    50-60 Hz

Performance highlights

  • 0
    Simultaneous users
  • 0
    L/min. - Maximum water consumption
  • 0
    Bar - Outlet pressure at 7 bar inlet pressure

Our Booster is built on the newest Grundfos Technology and has the IE5 efficiency rating. Multiple safety functions and high-quality stainless steel components ensure that our boosters will be running for many years.

  • Fitted with a Grundfos IE5 pump, we ensure that only the very best and most efficient pumps are used for our solutions. 

  • Fitted with multiple safety functions high quality stainless steel


    - Dry Running Protection
    - Automatic Load distribution between all pumps
    - High Liquid Temperature alarm
    - Automatic Air release valve
    - Full redundancy between pumps

  • Only high-quality materials are used in the satellite, this ensures high reliability of the satellite. Most parts are manufactured in high-grade stainless steel to expand the lifetime of the satellite significantly.

  • Shows important operation data and alarm descriptions making troubleshooting easier than ever.

Flexible, intuitive, powerful and easy to use

  • Efficient

    Less pressure loss means more cleaning power, which is equivalent to faster cleaning and less water usage.

  • High Quality

    Engineered to last. Only high-quality components and high-grade stainless steel.

  • Long lifetime

    The long lifetime of the product reduces the overall environmental impact.

  • Dynamic Outlet pressure
    Our booster stations are, in cooperation with Grundfos, optimized for Open Plan Cleaning in the Food & Beverage Industry. The pumps are constantly adapting to the number of users and available inlet pressure. This way we can ensure that our pump all the time will deliver at the hight possible efficiency.
  • The green choice
    Every aspect of the satellite is designed and engineered to reduce the overall environmental impact of the satellite. High efficiency and a long lifetime reduce the total environmental impact significantly.

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