Tommy Rysholt Andersen +45 22 56 46 76

Director Sales & Marketing

John Holm Espersen +45 41 83 94 30

Technical Manager

Kim Rysholt +45 22 56 46 17

Global Product Manager

Kevin Lemm +45 53 77 22 76


We are an independent manufacturer of superior cleaning solutions to the food and beverage industries.

Our core business is to develop, manufacture and deliver reliable and efficiently cleaning solutions for surface and open plant cleaning worldwide.

We are viewed worldwide as a very innovative partner with extreme focus on food safety, cost efficient, reliability, easy to use and high degrees of competitiveness.

Our wide network of highly competent and experienced distributors ensures that our high quality equipment

is available all over the world.

FOAMICO was founded 2009 and is already doing business

in more than 50 countries on 5 continents.